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Animal Well

Animal Well is an enthralling Metroidvania-style computer game developed by Shared Memory and published by Bigmode. Set in a captivating subterranean labyrinth teeming with creatures and secrets, players assume the role of a curious blob embarking on a special exploration trip. The game captivates players from the outset with its minimalistic setup, providing few clues and minimal guidance, immersing them in a mysterious realm where they must unravel the secrets of the Animal Well.


Engaging Exploration

Players are thrust into the adventure as they awaken in a dimly illuminated cavern, with their only means of movement being basic. With no explicit instructions, players must rely on their cunning and instinct to navigate the maze-like passages of the Animal Well and uncover the truth about their existence.

Mysterious Realm

The game's mysterious atmosphere is palpable, drawing players deeper into its enigmatic world with each twist and turn. As they delve deeper into the labyrinth, they encounter a diverse array of creatures and uncover hidden secrets that shed light on the history of the Animal Well.

Immersive Gameplay

Animal Well offers a deeply immersive gameplay experience, challenging players to think critically and explore every nook and cranny to progress. With its Metroidvania-inspired mechanics, players must unlock new abilities and overcome obstacles to reach previously inaccessible areas, keeping them engaged and intrigued throughout their journey.

How to play Animal Well

  • Follow the instructions when playing

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