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Block Champ

Block Champ is a colorful and compelling puzzle game. The game draws its inspiration from traditional 10x10 puzzle games, but it also has some original twists that set it apart from other games of the same genre.

The goal of Block Champ is to remove all of the blocks from the board by packing rows and columns with them. Players are given a set of blocks to arrange on the board, which has a 10x10 grid on which the game is played. Players can keep placing blocks on the board until all available rows and columns have been filled.

Players must face a few challenges in order to properly clear the board, though. Some of the blocks on the board must be cleared twice to be eliminated since they are frozen. Moreover, blocks that are too big to fit into a single row or column must be avoided by players.

To help players clear the board more quickly, there are a few power-ups available. When two lightning tiles are combined, for instance, they can be utilized to immediately remove a row or column.

The gameplay in Block Champ is straightforward and intuitive, making it simple to learn but challenging to master. Players are encouraged to strive for simultaneous line clears by the game's score multiplier mechanism, which can lead to some impressively high scores.

Block Champ is an excellent puzzle game that is suitable for players of all ages and abilities. It is likely to give fans of puzzle games hours of amusement because to its distinctive gaming mechanics and captivating gameplay.


  • 10x10 puzzle game classic with some original twists
  • Requiring a two-line clear to remove frozen tiles
  • Lightning tiles that, when two are combined, instantaneously clear a line
  • Increasing the score multiplier for each simultaneous line cleared
  • Easy to learn but challenging gameplay that is simple and intuitive

How to play Block Champ

  • A 10x10 grid is used for the game, and each player is given a set of blocks to place on the board.
  • Blocks must be placed in rows and columns in order to be removed from the board.
  • Two lines must be cleared in order to remove frozen tiles.
  • When two Lightning tiles are combined, they can be utilized to rapidly clear a line.
  • When there are no more moves left, the game is over.


  • Blocks can be chosen and dragged onto the board using a mouse or touch screen.
  • To move blocks horizontally, use the left and right arrow keys or swipe left and right.
  • To rotate blocks, press the up arrow key or swipe up.
  • To fast drop blocks, press the down arrow key or swipe down.

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