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Block Puzzle

Block Puzzle is a fun game, in this game, players must arrange a variety of shapes on a playing field to create lines and squares in the classic puzzle this game. Although the game is simple to comprehend, mastering it may be extremely difficult. Here are some more details regarding the game:


  • Basic yet compelling gameplay
  • vibrant and eye-catching graphics
  • There are various levels of difficulty.
  • supports touchscreen and mouse controllers

How to play Block Puzzle

  • The playing ground for the game is rectangular.
  • A collection of shapes are provided to the players to position on the pitch.
  • The goal is to strategically arrange the forms to form entire lines or squares.
  • Players will score points when a line or square is finished and withdrawn from the playing surface.
  • The shapes will fall faster as the game goes on, so players will need to be quick on their feet.
  • After all of the shapes on the playing field have been used up and there are no more movements left, the game is over.


  • Players can touch and drag a shape on a touchscreen device or click and drag it with the mouse to move it to the appropriate spot.
  • Players can rotate a shape by right-clicking on it with the mouse or by swiping left or right on a touchscreen device.
  • Players can swiftly drop a shape by using the mouse to click the drop button or by swiping downward on a touchscreen device.

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