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Brick 2048

Play the updated version of the beloved puzzler, Brick 2048. Your mission is to achieve a score of 2048 points by strategically moving numbered blocks and merging them together. While it may appear deceptively simple, success in this game demands a showcase of your skills and creativity. Test your abilities and ingenuity in this captivating skill game and may luck be on your side!


Updated Puzzler Experience:

  • Experience a fresh take on the popular puzzle game with Brick 2048's updated version.

2048 Point Challenge:

  • Set your sights on the challenge of scoring 2048 points, adding a specific target to your puzzling adventure.

Block Movement Strategy:

  • Navigate numbered blocks across the game board, employing strategic movements to create optimal combinations and reach your score goal.

Block Merging Mechanics:

  • Engage with block merging mechanics, experimenting with different strategies to maximize your score and conquer the game.

Skillful and Creative Gameplay:

  • Brick 2048 is more than a puzzle; it's a skillful and strategic challenge that encourages players to showcase their abilities and creativity.

How to play Brick 2048

Using mouse

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