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Byrdle is a word game introduced by the Green Bay Packers as a challenge in their locker room. It is designed to help players stay sharp and test their spelling abilities. The game is played by spelling words correctly and avoiding elimination.

Here's a breakdown of how the Byrdle game is played:

  1. Players: The game can be played by multiple players, and each player takes turns.

  2. Word List: There is a word list provided, and players take turns reading out a word from the list.

  3. Spelling Attempts: The player reading the word gives others the opportunity to spell it. Each player has up to seven tries to correctly spell the word.

  4. Elimination: If a player spells the word correctly on their first attempt, they remain in the game. However, if they misspell the word, they have another chance to get it right before moving on to the next word. If they misspell the word again, they lose a turn and go back to seven tries.

  5. Number of Tries: The number of attempts before players lose a turn varies depending on the number of people playing. For example, if there are only two players, they go back three times before losing a turn. If there are four players, they go back five times before losing a turn. The exact number of tries is determined by the rules of the game based on the number of players.

  6. Objective: The objective of the game is to spell words correctly and avoid being eliminated. Players aim to be the last ones standing without losing a turn.

Byrdle is not only a fun word game but also serves as a way for the players to keep their minds sharp and maintain their spelling skills during their downtime. It provides a competitive and engaging activity for the team to participate in while also challenging their vocabulary and spelling abilities.

How to play Byrdle

Using mouse

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