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Celeste 64

Celeste 64 is a special creation by the Celeste team, dedicated to the beloved game's sixth anniversary. Players can immerse themselves in an open-world environment inspired by Celeste, exploring the iconic Forsaken City level. With thirty strawberries to collect in this single-level adventure, Celeste 64 offers a unique and engaging experience for fans and newcomers alike.


1. 3D Platformer Nostalgia:

  • Experience the charm of a 3D platformer set in the Celeste universe.
  • Navigate an open environment reminiscent of the original game, adding a new dimension to the beloved platforming experience.

2. Strawberry Rooms and Cassette Tapes:

  • Utilize cassette tapes to access small rooms filled with strawberries.
  • Embrace the challenge of collecting thirty strawberries within the Forsaken City level, adding a delightful twist to the gameplay.

3. Madeline's Familiar Moves:

  • Control Madeline with familiar moves such as running, jumping, climbing walls, and walking.
  • Encounter the same beloved character with a few new tricks, like the ability to move to adjacent walls while climbing.

4. Advanced Techniques:

  • Master advanced techniques like dash leaps (Superdashes) and skid jumps.
  • Challenge yourself with these maneuvers, enhancing the platforming experience and providing a nod to the original Celeste's complexity.

5. Multi-Platform Availability:

  • Currently available for free on Windows and Linux on
  • Anticipate a Mac port shortly, making Celeste 64 accessible to a wider gaming community.

How to play Celeste 64

Using mouse

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