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Connections Game

Connections game is a word puzzle game that challenges players to find connections between words and group them based on a common theme. Here's some additional information about the game:


The objective of Connections is to identify four groups of four words each that share a common theme. The words are presented in a 4x4 grid, and your task is to select four words from each group that belong together based on their shared theme.

Difficulty Levels:

Connections offer four difficulty levels, each represented by a different color. The difficulty levels are as follows:

  1. Yellow: Yellow represents the easiest level. The connections at this level are straightforward and relatively easy to identify. It's a good starting point for beginners or those who prefer simpler challenges.

  2. Green: The green level introduces potentially unfamiliar terms or trivia. The connections may require a bit more thought or knowledge to identify.

  3. Blue: The blue level also includes potentially unfamiliar terms or trivia, but the connections may be even more challenging than in the green level. This level is designed to test your ability to make less obvious connections.

  4. Purple: The purple level is the trickiest category to guess. The connections in this level are often complex, requiring careful analysis and thinking outside the box. It's the most challenging level in the game.

Daily Updates:

The game is updated daily with a new grid of words and fresh hints to assist you in solving the connections for that day. This ensures that you have new challenges and puzzles to engage with regularly.

Archived Solutions:

If you're looking for past answers or solutions, there may be an archive available that allows you to access previous grids and their corresponding connections. This can be helpful for practicing or reviewing past puzzles.

Overall, Connections is a game that tests your ability to find connections and identify themes between words. It offers different difficulty levels, daily updates, and a grid-based format to provide an engaging and challenging word puzzle experience.

How to play Connections Game

Using mouse

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