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Dordle is an innovative twist on the classic word-guessing game that adds a layer of complexity and challenge by requiring players to guess two words simultaneously. This game retains many features that players enjoy from Wordle while introducing a novel gameplay mechanic.

Gameplay Mechanics:

  • Two Words, One Guess: In Dordle, players must guess two words in a single attempt. This is in contrast to traditional word games where players focus on a single word.

  • Color-Coded Clues: Similar to Wordle, Dordle uses color-coded clues to help players deduce the correct words. A yellow square indicates that a letter is present in one or both of the words but is not in the correct position. A green tile signifies that the letter is both present and correctly positioned in the word.

Game Modes:

  1. Free Dordle: This mode provides players with a series of random puzzles that they can solve at their own pace. Each puzzle presents its own unique challenge.

  2. Daily Dordle: In this mode, all players are presented with the same puzzle for the entire day. This allows for friendly competition and the opportunity to see how others approach the same challenge.


Comparison to Wordle:

While Dordle maintains the color-coded clues and limited attempts found in Wordle, its distinctive gameplay of guessing two words at once adds an extra layer of strategy. Players need to carefully analyze the feedback from each guess and consider how it relates to both words they're trying to deduce.

Accessibility and Enjoyment:

Dordle's approach to gameplay makes it accessible to both seasoned word game players and newcomers. The challenge of guessing two words requires critical thinking and careful observation, making the game intellectually stimulating and enjoyable.

Community Interaction:

The Daily Dordle mode fosters a sense of community engagement as players can discuss strategies, share their experiences, and compare their solutions. The consistent daily puzzle encourages players to return regularly to test their skills and compete with others.

How to play Dordle

Using Mouse

You must predict two five-letter words at once, but you can only enter one guess at a time.

Green: The word's letter is in the right place.

Yellow: incorrect placement of a letter within a word

Gray: word missing a letter


Dordle successfully introduces a fresh gameplay mechanic to the traditional word-guessing genre. By challenging players to guess two words simultaneously, Dordle offers an engaging experience that tests their linguistic deduction skills in a new and exciting way. Whether you choose to tackle random puzzles in Free Dordle mode or compete in the daily challenge of Daily Dordle, the game offers a rewarding and intellectually stimulating gameplay experience.

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