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Footdle is a fun and challenging game for soccer fans that tests their knowledge of the top-rated players in FIFA 22's Top 5 Leagues. The game offers a database of players from England, Germany, Spain, Italy, and France, and players have 12 attempts to correctly guess the name of the random player selected by the game.

To play Footdle, players need to type the name of the player into the text box and hit the "Guess" button. After each guess, the game provides feedback in the form of green and red letters. Green letters indicate that the letter is in the correct position and is part of the correct answer, while red letters indicate that the letter is not in the correct position or is not part of the correct answer.

The level of difficulty of the game is higher than that of Wordle, and players can play the game once a day in Toda's challenge mode or a random challenge. Players can also challenge their friends to play and share their scores on social media.

To improve your chances of guessing the correct player, it can be helpful to use your knowledge of the Top 5 Leagues and the ratings of the players. You can also try different strategies, such as guessing the first and last name separately or trying to identify the league and team of the player based on the feedback provided by the game.

How to play Footdle

To play Footdle, you must correctly predict which football player is chosen at random from the top 300 players in the Top 5 Leagues of FIFA 22. You have a total of 12 chances to identify the player. Football enthusiasts from England, Germany, Spain, Italy, and France will find the game to be a fascinating challenge because it has players from those nations as well as France.

You can enter the player's name in the supplied text box to make your prediction. The name will be highlighted in green if it is correct. The name will be marked in yellow if it is erroneous, and you will be given a hint as to which letters are accurate and where they should be placed.

Fans of football from the Top 5 Leagues will find Footdle to be an entertaining and tough game overall. Users can select between playing in Toda's challenge mode or a random challenge, and it can be played once every day.

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