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Geometry Rash

Geometry Rash takes the world of geometric shapes and turns it into a thrilling running game! Step into the shoes of a sensitive square and embark on an adventure through obstacles in this unblocked running experience. The primary goal is to avoid menacing pointy shapes, ensuring that even the slightest touch doesn't set you back. Can you navigate through obstacles and achieve the highest score in this geometric journey?


  1. Geometric Running Adventure:

    • Immerse yourself in a thrilling geometric running adventure where every move counts. Dash through a dynamic environment filled with obstacles and challenges.
  2. Sensitive Square Protagonist:

    • Experience a unique twist with the protagonist being a sensitive square. Navigate the course with precision, avoiding obstacles to progress in the game.
  3. Spiky Triangle Threat:

    • Beware of spiky triangles scattered along the runway. These pointed obstacles pose a significant threat, requiring skillful navigation to progress.
  4. Avoid Flat Shapes:

    • Exercise caution when jumping to avoid collisions with flat shapes. While lacking spikes, a direct hit with these shapes resets your progress in the game.
  5. Mastering the Jump Rhythm:

    • Timing is crucial in avoiding spikes. Master the jump rhythm to navigate through challenging scenarios, making lightning-fast leaps between levels.
  6. Unlockable Characters:

    • Collect stars on the path to unlock new characters. Explore different geometric characters by clicking on the square box in the main menu.

How to play Geometry Rash

Using mouse

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