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Get 1000

Get 1000 is an engaging puzzle game that presents players with the challenge of strategically moving numbered tiles within a grid to reach the target number of 1000. The game's seemingly straightforward objective belies its true complexity, as players must exercise careful planning, critical thinking, and patience to succeed. With a variety of mechanics and number types at play, the game offers a unique and stimulating gameplay experience.

Key Features:

  1. Puzzle Challenge: The central goal of Get 1000 is to maneuver specific numbered tiles within the grid in a way that results in reaching the target number of 1000. This objective might sound simple, but the gameplay itself is designed to be intricate and thought-provoking.

  2. Strategic Thinking: The game hinges on players' ability to think strategically and make calculated moves. Every action should be planned with care, as the limited number of moves available adds an element of challenge and consideration to the gameplay.

  3. Diverse Number Types: Within the grid, players encounter squares containing various number types. This includes special numbers with multiplication values like x10 or x5. Utilizing these special tiles is essential for creating larger numbers and advancing towards the coveted 1000 target.

  4. Limited Lives: Each move a player makes consumes one life. While players start with a set number of lives, they can earn additional lives by successfully progressing the targeted tile to the center of the grid. Managing lives becomes crucial for preventing failure and progressing through the levels.


In Get 1000, players must devise a strategy to manipulate the tiles in the grid, gradually inching toward the goal of 1000. Special tiles, equipped with multiplication values, play a pivotal role in accelerating progress. Players must approach each move thoughtfully, factoring in the repercussions of their choices and considering the limited number of lives available.


Get 1000 offers a captivating puzzle-solving experience that challenges players to think critically and plan ahead. The game's blend of mechanics and number types introduces complexity, ensuring that players need to think beyond the surface level to succeed. By utilizing multiplication values and carefully managing lives, players can navigate the intricacies of the game and work towards achieving the elusive 1000 target. As players immerse themselves in this puzzle adventure, they will demonstrate their mathematical prowess and strategic acumen. Whether played casually or with a competitive spirit, Get 1000 promises an engaging and rewarding gameplay journey that will put players' concentration and puzzle-solving skills to the test.

How to play Get 1000

Using Mouse

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