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About Hardl Game

Hardl: A Word-Guessing Challenge with a Mastermind Twist

Are you ready to put your word-guessing skills to the test while adding a touch of deduction and strategy? Welcome to Hardl, a captivating game that draws inspiration from the popular Wordle while incorporating an exciting twist reminiscent of the classic Mastermind. In the world of Hardl, your mission is to guess a valid five-letter word, but the numbers provided will serve as your guide, revealing just how close your guess aligns with the actual word. Let's explore the realm of Hardl and unravel the intriguing challenges it brings.


How to play Hardl

Hardl is a unique blend of word-guessing and deductive reasoning. To become a master of the game, follow these essential steps:

1. Make Your Guess

  • Start by guessing a valid five-letter word as your initial attempt.
  • Your guess will be assessed, and numbers will appear on the screen, providing crucial feedback.

2. Interpret the Numbers

  • Pay close attention to the numbers displayed alongside your guess:
    • Yellow: Indicates the number of letters in your guess that are present in the answer but are located in the wrong position.
    • Green: Represents the number of letters in your guess that are not only part of the answer but are also correctly placed.
  • These numbers will serve as valuable clues to help you refine your subsequent guesses.

3. Analyze Your Guess

  • Carefully analyze the feedback numbers to gain insights into how your guess corresponds to the target word.
  • For example, if you see "1 letter in the incorrect spot and 1 letter in the correct spot," it signifies that one letter is correctly placed, although you won't yet know which one.
  • If a guess results in "no letters" matching, it means that none of the letters in your guess are part of the answer.

4. Modify Your Guess

  • Hardl allows you to adjust your guess by changing the colors of individual letters.
  • Simply tap on the letters within your guess until they display the desired color.
  • This feature empowers you to keep track of which letters you believe are or aren't in the answer, facilitating your deduction process.

Game Features

Hardl offers the following features:

1. Word-Guessing Challenge

Experience the thrill of word-guessing while enhancing your deductive reasoning skills. Hardl combines the best of both worlds to deliver an engaging and intellectually stimulating gameplay experience.


In summary, Hardl is a captivating word-guessing game that introduces a unique twist inspired by the classic Mastermind. Test your wordplay abilities and hone your deductive reasoning as you strive to guess the elusive five-letter word. With invaluable feedback and a challenging gameplay experience, Hardl guarantees hours of entertainment and mental stimulation. Immerse yourself in the world of Hardl and embark on an exhilarating word-guessing adventure today!

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