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Immaculate Grid Football

Football-themed daily trivia game Immaculate Grid Football is powered by Sports Reference. The objective of the game is to test players' familiarity with football players, teams, and statistics.

Here's some more detailed information about the Immaculate Grid football game:

  1. Game Objective: The primary objective of the Immaculate Grid football game is for participants to demonstrate their knowledge of football players, teams, and statistics. Players are presented with a grid that contains specific criteria for each row and column. They must select a football player for each cell in the grid that matches the criteria for that cell's respective row and column.

  2. Grid Criteria: As mentioned before, the grid consists of rows and columns, and each row and column has its own set of criteria. These criteria could include various aspects of football, such as team affiliations, awards won, statistical achievements, and Super Bowl participation.

  3. Player Selection and Strategy: Participants must carefully select football players who meet the criteria for each cell. Once a player is used in a cell, they cannot be selected again for any other cell, which adds a strategic element to the game. Choosing the right players for the right combinations becomes crucial to completing the grid successfully.

  4. Guess Limit: Players have a total of nine guesses to fill out the entire grid. Each time they make a selection, whether it's correct or incorrect, it counts as one of their nine guesses. Therefore, players need to be thoughtful and accurate in their choices to maximize their chances of completing the grid.

  5. Player Eligibility: Eligible players can be either currently active players or inactive players from the NFL, AFL, or AAFC. The game encompasses a wide range of football history, making it appealing to fans with knowledge of both current and historical players.

  6. Franchise Name Changes: The game considers historical franchise names, meaning players who were associated with previous franchise names that have changed will still qualify for their current teams. For example, Houston Oilers players can match for the Tennessee Titans, and St. Louis Rams players can match for the Los Angeles Rams.

  7. Award and Super Bowl Criteria: Players must have won the specified award during a season in which they appeared for the team mentioned in the grid cell. Similarly, players selected for Super Bowl-winning teams must have played at least one game for that team during the season they won the Super Bowl.

  8. Season Statistic Criteria: When selecting players for team and season stat cells, the player must have achieved the specified statistic while playing for that specific team. If a player played for multiple teams in a season, the stat must have been recorded during their time with the team in question.

  9. Two Stat/Awards Cells: In some cases, a player may qualify for two stat/award cells even if they accomplished those stats or awards in different seasons. For example, a player could qualify for both "1,000+ rushing yards" and "Pro Bowl" based on their overall career achievements.

  10. Daily Updates: Immaculate Grid Football refreshes daily with a new grid, providing participants with a fresh challenge every day.

The game's connection to Sports Reference ensures that it is rooted in accurate football statistics and information. Immaculate Grid Football presents an engaging and fun way for football fans to test their knowledge and learn more about the sport's history, players, and teams.

How to play Immaculate Grid Football

Using mouse

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