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Jeff From Accounting

Welcome to Jeff From Accounting, an extraordinary gaming experience that combines the excitement of an FPS with the challenge of a typing test. In this game, you find yourself facing relentless attackers, and your only defense is the speed and accuracy of your typing. Armed with a typewriter, you must swiftly type the names of oncoming enemies to survive their onslaught. Get ready for a unique and thrilling adventure that puts your typing skills to the ultimate test.


1. FPS Typing Test: Jeff From Accounting introduces a distinctive combination of first-person shooter (FPS) elements with a typing test. Your ability to type quickly and accurately becomes the key to survival as enemies charge towards you.

2. Typewriter Weapon: Your trusty typewriter serves as your weapon in this game. Instead of traditional firearms, you must type with precision to shoot at approaching attackers. The typewriter becomes your tool for both defense and communication in this unconventional FPS setting.

3. Survival Challenge: Survive the onslaught of attackers by typing their names as fast as you can. The game's dynamic nature ensures that each typing challenge is a crucial aspect of your survival, adding an element of intensity to the gaming experience.

How to play Jeff From Accounting

Using mouse or keyboard

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