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Jumble is a well-known word puzzle game, that has been featured in several newspapers and periodicals. A cartoon or graphic that offers a hint about the puzzle's solution is included with each set of jumbled words that are connected to a specific theme or subject.

During playing Jumble, the player must unjumble each word's letters to create a meaningful word that connects to the theme or issue. Following the completion of all the words, the solver must take the circled letters from each word and unjumble them to provide the solution to the puzzle's clue.

Jumble puzzles can range in difficulty, with some being more straightforward to complete than others. Yet, the game is typically seen as an entertaining and interesting approach to practicing vocabulary and problem-solving techniques.

Jumble is a game that may be purchased in both paper and digital forms, including online and as a mobile app. Timed puzzles and multiplayer modes, for example, may be included in some game versions as optional features or gameplay options.


There are hints for each puzzle that point to the solution.
Drawing: Usually, the problem includes a drawing or graphic that adds another piece of information to aid in solving it.
Jumbled Words: In order to complete the puzzle, you must unjumble a series of words that have been scrambled.
After the words have been unscrambled, you must arrange specific letters from each word to create the correct phrase.

How to play Jumble

  • Word Unscrambling: To unwrap a word, drag and drop the letters into the proper position.
  • Rearranging Letters: You can drag and drop the letters to the proper spots to make the solution phrase.
  • Puzzle Skipping: If you run into trouble with a puzzle, you can skip it and move on to the next.
  • Hint: You can use a clue to identify a letter in a word if you are having problems solving a puzzle.
  • Resetting a Puzzle: You can reset a puzzle to its initial condition if you want to start afresh.

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