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Kitty Kart 64

Kitty Kart 64 is a captivating and eerie kart racing game that pays homage to the classic N64 era while delivering a surreal and sinister twist. Developed for the LSDJAM 2023, this game transports players into a cursed and glitchy version of Mario Kart 64, where the familiar becomes unsettling and the cute takes a sinister turn.


Explore the unique features that make Kitty Kart 64 a standout entry in the world of kart racing games:

Creepy N64-Styled Kart Racing

Immerse yourself in the retro charm of N64-style graphics and gameplay mechanics as you navigate through a world filled with glitchy racetracks and surreal landscapes. Kitty Kart 64 captures the essence of classic kart racing while infusing it with a dark and mysterious atmosphere.

Sinister and Surreal Detours

Embark on a journey where things take a sinister turn after a seemingly innocent detour. As you venture off the beaten track, you'll uncover seven surreal tracks teeming with surprises and encounters with cute yet cursed characters.

Blend of Mario Kart 64 and .exe Games

Experience a unique blend of Mario Kart 64 nostalgia and the unsettling atmosphere of .exe games. Kitty Kart 64 seamlessly combines elements of classic kart racing with the eerie and unpredictable nature of .exe game experiences, keeping players on the edge of their seats as they explore the game's cutesy yet unsettling world.

Exploration and Discovery

Delve into the creepy and glitchy racetracks of Kitty Kart 64, where exploration is key to uncovering hidden secrets and unraveling the mysteries that lie within. Each track offers new surprises and challenges, ensuring that players are always on their toes as they navigate through the game's twisted landscapes.

How to play Kitty Kart 64

Keyboard or Controller


Kitty Kart 64 offers a thrilling and immersive gaming experience that defies expectations and challenges players to embrace the unexpected. With its blend of retro aesthetics, surreal storytelling, and unsettling atmosphere, it's a must-play title for fans of kart racing games and .exe game experiences alike. Are you ready to take a detour into the dark and mysterious world of Kitty Kart 64?

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