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Lexicontainer offers an exciting blend of two classic games, Tetris and Scrabble, creating a unique and engaging gaming experience. In this innovative mashup, players place letter-shaped Tetris pieces on the board, aiming to form words that are at least three letters long, either horizontally or vertically. With a focus on spatial creativity and vocabulary skills, Lexicontainer promises a delightful gaming experience for Scrabble enthusiasts and Tetris fans alike.


Explore the features that make Lexicontainer a must-play game:

Tetris and Scrabble Mashup

Experience the best of Tetris and Scrabble combined into one thrilling game. Lexicontainer seamlessly integrates Tetris-style gameplay mechanics with the word-building challenge of Scrabble, offering a fresh and dynamic gaming experience.

Strategic Word Formation

Strategically place Tetris pieces on the board to form words, testing your spatial creativity and strategic thinking. To create words at least three letters long, players must carefully plan their moves to maximize their score and clear the board.

Vocabulary Challenge

Put your vocabulary to the test as you search for words to form from the Tetris pieces. With each word formed, players earn points and progress through the game, providing a satisfying challenge for word enthusiasts looking to expand their lexicon.

Spatial Creativity

Exercise your spatial imagination as you navigate the board and visualize the best placement for Tetris pieces. With each piece presenting a unique configuration of letters, players must think creatively to optimize their word-building opportunities and clear the board effectively.

Joyful Gaming Experience

Enjoy hours of fun and entertainment with Lexicontainer. Whether you're a Scrabble aficionado or a Tetris enthusiast, Lexicontainer offers a joyful gaming experience that will keep you coming back for more.


Lexicontainer is a delightful fusion of Tetris and Scrabble, offering a unique and engaging gaming experience that challenges players' spatial creativity and vocabulary skills. With its innovative gameplay mechanics and joyful atmosphere, Lexicontainer is sure to captivate players of all ages. Are you ready to put your word-building skills to the test in the world of Lexicontainer?

How to play Lexicontainer

Using mouse

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