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Melon Sandbox

Melon Sandbox offers an expansive platform for unleashing creativity and imagination, providing players with a vast array of tools and objects to experiment with. Dive into a world where the possibilities are endless, and design obstacle courses aboard armored vehicles while exploring the diverse range of items available.

Game Rules

  • Respect Creativity: Embrace the freedom to experiment and create, but ensure that your actions respect the creativity of others and adhere to community guidelines.
  • Safety First: Exercise caution when using objects and weapons within the sandbox environment. Prioritize the safety of characters and creations to prevent accidents or mishaps.
  • Sharing Is Caring: Save your creations and share them with the community to inspire others and showcase your imaginative designs. Collaborate with fellow players to explore new ideas and creations together.


  1. Creative Freedom: With a wide variety of objects to choose from, including dynamite, swords, rifles, machine guns, and more, Melon Sandbox empowers players to let their creativity run wild. Experiment with different combinations and observe the outcomes on characters and environments.

  2. Community Interaction: Share your creations with the community and explore the imaginative designs of other players. Engage in collaborative building projects and inspire each other with unique creations.

  3. Dynamic Gameplay: Plan and participate in obstacle courses aboard armored vehicles, navigating through challenging environments while utilizing an array of objects to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.

  4. Endless Exploration: From creating intricate obstacle courses to experimenting with various objects and weapons, Melon Sandbox offers endless opportunities for exploration and discovery. Dive into a world where creativity knows no bounds and let your imagination soar.

  5. Social Sharing: Connect with friends and fellow players to collaborate on projects, share tips and tricks, and showcase your creative endeavors. With social sharing features, Melon Sandbox encourages community interaction and collaboration.

How to play Melon Sandbox

Using mouse

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