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Number Line Match

Number Line Match is an engaging puzzle game that challenges players to connect like numbers or numbers that sum up to 10, strategically clearing the board. With the ability to join numbers vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, the game offers a dynamic and creative puzzle-solving experience. Navigate through the added complexity of Lines, which are introduced as moves run out and can only be removed when all their numbers vanish. Exercise caution, as a Line in the upper row brings the round to an end. Discover the thrill of number pairing and strategic thinking in this captivating puzzle adventure.

Features of Number Line Match

1. Number Connection Challenge

Embark on a number connection challenge where success relies on linking like numbers or finding combinations that sum up to 10. The game introduces a variety of numerical connections, providing players with a diverse and engaging puzzle experience.

2. Versatile Connections

Form connections not only horizontally but also vertically and diagonally. Number Line Match allows for versatile connections, giving players the freedom to strategize and clear numbers from the board in multiple directions.

3. Lines Mechanic

Experience the challenge of Lines, an added mechanic that brings complexity to the game. Lines are introduced as moves are depleted, and they can only be removed when all their numbers disappear. Managing Lines becomes a crucial aspect of strategic gameplay.

4. Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking is at the core of Number Line Match. Plan your moves carefully to connect numbers efficiently, clear the board, and avoid the appearance of a Line in the upper row, which signals the end of the round. Success requires thoughtful and strategic decision-making.

5. Number Pairing Mastery

Master the art of number pairing, a key element for success in the game. Whether connecting like numbers or finding combinations that add up to 10, honing your number pairing skills is essential. Achieve high scores and conquer increasingly challenging levels through effective number pairing.

How to play Number Line Match

Using mouse

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