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Wordle is a fantastic game to have on hand to amuse guests or family members. Any word fan will enjoy playing it because the rules are straightforward. The absence of many games that adhere to the Wordle rules is the only drawback. We made Octordle: The Wordle Game for this reason.

Players in the game Octordle take turns guessing words made up of 8 letters simultaneously. There are 13 attempts left for you to complete it, and you are free to use your remaining attempts as much as you like until someone else gets the words for you.

The only defined strategy needed for this fast-paced game is to stay quick on your feet as you attempt to keep up with the other players. Additionally, it is not so challenging that once someone has finished playing, they will never remember how to do it again!

The key distinction between octopus games and word search games is that octopus games normally demand at least two words for every hint, whereas word search games typically have one word per grid. There are a few additional differences between the two families of games, but for the purposes of this discussion, it's alright if you aren't immediately aware of them all. You merely need to understand these riddles well enough to be able to identify which one your opponent is using.

How to play Octordle

Using Mouse

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