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Oh My Word!

About Oh My Word! Game

Oh My Word!: A Unique Word Puzzle Experience

Dive into the world of word puzzles with a delightful twist in Oh My Word! This captivating game challenges you to fill a puzzle with words that you believe other players won't use. While any valid words are accepted, there's a catch—you only get one submission per day! Explore the exciting and competitive world of Oh My Word! and put your wordplay skills to the test.


How to play Oh My Word!

Fill the Puzzle with Unique Words: In Oh My Word!, your goal is to complete a puzzle by inputting words that you think other players are unlikely to use. The game accepts any valid words, making your word choices crucial. However, keep in mind that you have a limit of one submission per day.

Language and Spelling: Oh My Word! accommodates both American English and the correct spelling of words. Proper nouns, such as city names and personal names, are not included in the word list.


  • Word Puzzle Challenge: Test your wordplay skills by strategically selecting words that stand out from the crowd.
  • Unique Scoring System: Oh My Word! rewards you based on the uniqueness of your word choices, adding an element of strategy to the game.
  • Language Flexibility: The game accepts both American English and the correct spellings, accommodating a wide range of players.
  • Daily Challenges: Engage in new word puzzles each day, keeping the gameplay fresh and exciting.

Please note that you are playing an alpha version of Oh My Word! The game has recently launched and is undergoing constant development. This means that some features may change or be removed in future versions. Additionally, the game may go temporarily offline for updates and improvements.

Oh My Word! is not your typical word puzzle game—it's a competitive and strategic word challenge that encourages you to think outside the box. With its unique scoring system and daily puzzles, it offers a fresh and engaging experience for word enthusiasts. Whether you're a seasoned word game player or a casual gamer, Oh My Word! promises hours of fun as you aim to outsmart other players with your word choices.

Join the alpha version of Oh My Word! today and embrace the challenge of filling the puzzle with words that will earn you top scores. Can you conquer the word puzzle and become the ultimate wordsmith? Start playing Oh My Word! now and find out!

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