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Phrazle is a brand-new, addictive, and difficult word game. You can play it whenever and wherever you want with your friends or family. It does not take any special abilities to play, only concentration and quick thinking. Each participant sees the same board with letters of various colors, but only one can see the correct words at the same time.

Each participant has their own unique board in front of them, with an empty grid of letters in various colors. The active player reads aloud the clue phrase (the one who currently has their turn). Then, participants compete to fill their grids with as many words as they can conceive of that contain all of the hidden words from the clue Phrazle while staying within the limitations set (e.g., minimum word length).

Phrazle is a board game for 2 to 6 players that lasts approximately 30 minutes. The players are given certain word and phrase cards to match with their guessing abilities. Puzzlers must strive to figure out the sentence while avoiding red herrings and ensuring that they are not being misled by the other players.

Phrazle is a fast-paced word game that mixes charades, codenames, and categories in one! Players take turns giving clues and attempting to stump the opposing side with their phrases. Will you be able to figure out your teammate's hints? Will you continue to fall for red herrings? Find out right now with this thrilling new party game!

How to play Phrazle

Using mouse

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