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Plusword is a popular online word game that tests players' vocabulary and deduction skills. The game presents players with a five-letter word that they must guess within six attempts. Each attempt involves submitting a five-letter word, and the game provides feedback on the accuracy of the word by highlighting the squares in different colors.

The game's feedback system is a crucial aspect of the game. The green square indicates that the letter in that square is in the correct position in the mystery word. The yellow square indicates that the letter is in the mystery word but in a different position. The red square indicates that the letter is not in the mystery word.

Players use the feedback from each attempt to narrow down the possibilities for the mystery word. For example, if a player submits the word "lives" and receives a green square for the letter "L," they know that the mystery word contains an "L" in the first position. If they receive a yellow square for the letter "I," they know that the mystery word contains an "I" but is not in the second position. With each attempt, players can eliminate letters that are not in the mystery word and refine their guesses for the remaining letters.

Plusword is a daily puzzle game, and each day presents a new mystery word for players to solve. The game's difficulty level varies from day to day, with some days being more challenging than others. Players can access the previous day's puzzles for practice or entertainment.


  • Daily puzzles: The game offers a new puzzle every day, which keeps the game fresh and challenging.
  • Time limit: Players have a limited amount of time to guess the mystery word, which adds to the excitement and urgency of the game.
  • Difficulty levels: Plusword offers different levels of difficulty, so players can choose a level that suits their skill level.
  • Hint system: Players can use hints to reveal a letter in the mystery word, but using hints will reduce their score.

Tips to Win:

  • Start with vowels: Since the mystery word always contains five letters, it's a good idea to start with the most common vowels (A, E, I, O, U).
  • Use the process of elimination: If you get a yellow or red square, try to eliminate letters that cannot be in the mystery word based on their position in your guess.
  • Pay attention to word structure: Try to guess words that fit the structure of the mystery word. For example, if you get a green square for the first letter, the mystery word must start with the letter you guessed.

How to play Plusword

  • Players must guess a secret word within a limited number of tries.
  • Each guess is marked with plus signs indicating correct letters that are in the correct position.
  • Players can use the feedback from their previous guesses to narrow down the possible options for the secret word.
  • The game can be played daily, with a new secret word provided each day.


Overall, Plusword is an engaging and challenging word game that tests players' vocabulary, deduction, and strategy skills.

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