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PokéRogue is an exciting browser-based Pokémon fangame that takes heavy inspiration from the roguelite genre. In this unique game, players can engage in endless battles while gathering stacking items, exploring diverse biomes, and encountering various challenges such as trainers, bosses, and more!


Endless Battles

In PokéRogue, players can enjoy endless battles against a variety of opponents, including wild Pokémon, trainers, and powerful bosses. With each battle, players have the opportunity to improve their skills and strategy as they progress through the game.

Stacking Items

One of the unique features of PokéRogue is the ability to gather stacking items. These items provide players with various bonuses and abilities that can enhance their Pokémon's performance in battles. As players collect more items, they can strategically build their inventory to suit their playstyle and optimize their chances of success.

Diverse Biomes

Exploration is a key aspect of PokéRogue, with players traversing through many different biomes as they journey through the game. Each biome offers its own set of challenges and opportunities, providing players with a dynamic and immersive gameplay experience.

Trainers and Bosses

Throughout their adventure, players will encounter trainers and bosses that present formidable challenges. By defeating these opponents, players can earn valuable rewards and progress further in the game. However, players must be prepared to face increasingly difficult opponents as they advance through the game's levels.

How to play Pokerogue

Battle Mechanics

PokéRogue features traditional Pokémon battle mechanics, where players strategically choose moves for their Pokémon to use against their opponents. By leveraging their Pokémon's strengths and weaknesses, players can gain the upper hand in battles and emerge victorious.


Players can explore various biomes in PokéRogue by navigating through different areas and encountering wild Pokémon and other obstacles along the way. Exploration is essential for gathering resources, discovering hidden secrets, and advancing through the game.


As players battle, explore, and defeat opponents in PokéRogue, they will gradually progress through the game's levels and unlock new challenges and content. With each level, players can expect new adventures and opportunities to test their skills and strategy.

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