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Primel is a numbers-based game where the player has to guess a five-digit prime number in six tries. The objective of the game is to encourage players to use their analytical skills and mathematical knowledge to identify the hidden prime number.

To play the game, the player must input their guess for a five-digit prime number in each round. The game will then notify the player if the guessed number is prime or not. The player must continue guessing until they find the correct prime number or exhaust all six tries.

To give you some background information, prime numbers are natural numbers greater than 1 that can only be divided by 1 and themselves without leaving a remainder. Examples of prime numbers include 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, and so on. Prime numbers are essential in various areas of mathematics, including cryptography, computer science, and number theory.

In this game, the challenge is to find a five-digit prime number, which may not be as easy as it seems since there are only a limited number of primes in this range. However, players can use various techniques to narrow down the possibilities and increase their chances of success.

Some more information about Primel game


  • Primel is a game that challenges players to identify a five-digit prime number in six attempts.
  • The game interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • The game provides hints on the progress made and how close the player is to finding the prime number.
  • Players can play the game as many times as they want to improve their skills.
  • The game is available online and can be played on desktop or mobile devices.




  • The player has six attempts to guess the five-digit prime number.
  • The guessed number can be any five-digit number, but it must be a prime number to be considered correct.
  • If the guessed number is not a prime number, the game will notify the player and provide a hint to guide the player toward the correct answer.
  • The player must guess the correct five-digit prime number in six attempts to win the game.
  • If the player fails to guess the correct prime number in six attempts, the game will end, and the player can choose to play again.

Tips to win:

  • Start by guessing some commonly known prime numbers, such as 11, 13, 17, 19, and 23.
  • Use divisibility rules to narrow down the possible primes. For example, a number is divisible by 2 if the last digit is even, and it is divisible by 5 if the last digit is 5 or 0.
  • Look for patterns in the digits of the prime numbers, such as the sum of the digits being divisible by 3 or the last two digits being divisible by 4.
  • Use a prime number calculator or a prime number table to help identify prime numbers more quickly.

How to play Primel

Using mouse or keyboard

The color of the Primel will indicate whether or not your prediction was correct.

  • Green: is in the numbers and in the correct spot.
  • Yellow: is in the numbers but in the wrong spot.
  • Gray: is not in the numbers in any spot.


Overall, the Primel game is an excellent opportunity for players to exercise their analytical and problem-solving skills while having fun.

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