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About Game is an innovative and intriguing word-guessing game that draws inspiration from the renowned Wordle by Josh Wardle and the captivating adversarial version, Absurdle, by qntm. In this captivating twist on the classic word-guessing game, known as Survivle, your primary goal is not to achieve victory but rather to lose intentionally! adheres to the original Wordle gameplay but adds an extra layer of challenge with an even stricter hardmode, where all the information revealed during the game must be utilized to make as many incorrect guesses as possible.

How to play

Engaging in, or Survivle, offers a unique and intellectually stimulating experience. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to participate in this unconventional word-guessing challenge:

1. Embrace the Hardmode Challenge

Survivle adopts the classic Wordle format but amplifies the difficulty level. In this challenging mode, you must use all the revealed information to your advantage while aiming to lose intentionally.

2. Craft Incorrect Guesses

Unlike traditional word-guessing games where winning is the objective, your goal in Survivle is to intentionally submit as many incorrect guesses as possible while still adhering to the game's strict rules.

3. Leverage Revealed Information

To excel in Survivle, you must meticulously consider all the information revealed throughout the game and use it strategically to construct guesses that are intentionally inaccurate.

4. Achieve a Score of Seven or More

In Survivle, victory is achieved by attaining a score of seven or more incorrect guesses. This challenge arises because, in Wordle, you would have won with six or fewer guesses. Survivle's unique difficulty lies in prolonging the game by intentionally making more incorrect guesses.

Features of Game, or Survivle, offers several features that make it a captivating and intellectually stimulating word-guessing experience:

1. Reverse Objective

Survivle flips the objective of traditional word-guessing games by making losing the primary aim. This twist adds a strategic layer to the gameplay, requiring you to think in reverse.

2. Mental Challenge

Survivle challenges your cognitive skills by necessitating the use of all available information to construct intentionally incorrect guesses. It offers a unique mental workout.

3. Achieving a High Score

The game's difficulty lies in achieving a high score by taking as many incorrect guesses as possible without violating the game's rules. It offers a distinctive challenge for word game enthusiasts.

Conclusion, also known as Survivle, introduces a captivating and unconventional twist to the classic word-guessing genre. By reversing the objective and challenging players to intentionally lose while adhering to strict rules, it creates a one-of-a-kind and intellectually stimulating gameplay experience. So, embrace the challenge, put your strategic thinking to the test, and aim to achieve a high score by intentionally losing in Survivle. With its unique twist and engaging gameplay, it offers a refreshing perspective on word-guessing games that will challenge and entertain players of all skill levels.

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