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Relatle Game is a fun and engaging online game that challenges players to explore the connections between different artists based on their music preferences. It draws inspiration from the "Fans Also Like" feature found on popular music streaming platforms, where users can discover new artists based on their affinity for a particular musician or band.


Interactive Gameplay

Relatle Game offers an interactive and intuitive gameplay experience. Players can tap and explore various artists to uncover connections and find the target artist.

Sample Music Playback

To assist players in making informed decisions, Relatle Game allows them to listen to sample tracks from each artist by pressing and holding onto their respective boxes.

Scoring System

The game employs a scoring system that rewards players for efficiently identifying the target artist with as few steps as possible. To get great results, challenge yourself or compete with friends.

Hints and Resets

If you find yourself stuck, Relatle Game provides options to reset the current round, use hints for assistance, or ultimately give up and reveal the target artist.

Discover New Music

Beyond being a game, Relatle Game serves as a platform for music discovery. Players can encounter artists they may not have been familiar with previously, expanding their musical horizons.

How to play Relatle

  1. Identify the Artist Matchup: At the start of each round, you will be presented with two artists. For example, Demi Lovato and LMFAO.

  2. Select Related Artists: Your goal is to tap on the related artists that you believe will get you closer to the target artist. You can press and hold on an artist to listen to a sample of their music, helping you make informed choices. The fewer steps it takes you to reach the target artist, the better your score.

  3. Find the Target Artist: Once you believe you've identified the target artist based on related connections, select them before time runs out.

  4. Enjoy the Challenge: Test your knowledge of music and discover new artists as you play through various rounds of Relatle Game.

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