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About Replacle Game

Replacle: A Keyboard-Inspired Word Guessing Challenge

Welcome to Replacle, a one-of-a-kind word-guessing game that adds an intriguing twist to your daily word challenge. In Replacle, your objective is to guess the daily word within the constraints of just 5 tries, but here's the kicker – you'll be provided with a starting prompt. The daily word you need to guess is intricately related to this initial prompt. Immerse yourself in this captivating wordplay adventure and put your vocabulary and word association skills to the test.


How to play Replacle

Guess the Word: In Replacle, you'll receive a daily starting prompt that is linked to the word you must guess. Your challenge is to uncover the daily word using the information provided by the prompt. You have a total of 5 attempts to correctly guess the word.

Deciphering Tile Colors:

  • One Color: If you observe a single color on the tiles, it signifies that the correct letter is in the same position as your guess.
  • Another Color: When you encounter a different color, it indicates that your guessed letter is indeed in the word but not in the correct position.
  • A Third Color: The presence of a third color signals that your guessed letter is not part of the word at all.

Changing Keyboard Rows: Each day, the colors representing the rows of the QWERTY keyboard change, introducing a fresh challenge and element of unpredictability to the game.

Game Rules

  • You are allotted 5 attempts to guess the daily word.
  • The daily word is always tied to a starting prompt.
  • Tile colors offer clues about the accuracy and positioning of your guessed letters.
  • The keyboard rows represented by colors are modified daily.


  • Unique Word Associations: Replacle provides a distinct word-guessing experience by connecting the daily word with a relevant starting prompt.
  • Keyboard-Inspired Clues: Tile colors, symbolizing keyboard rows, offer an inventive way to provide hints and challenges for your word guesses.
  • Daily Challenge: With a new daily word and starting prompt, Replacle keeps your wordplay skills sharp and entertained.


Replacle is more than just a word game; it's a creative challenge that combines word association, keyboard familiarity, and puzzle-solving skills. With its daily word and linked starting prompt, Replacle presents an innovative and enjoyable method to expand your vocabulary and assess your linguistic dexterity. Are you ready to decipher words inspired by keyboard rows? Dive into Replacle and put your word-guessing skills to the test today!

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