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Shimmer & Shine: Flip And Match

Shimmer and Shine: Flip and Match challenge your memory as you navigate a delightful adventure with your favorite genies. In this engaging game, Shimmer, Shine, and their friends present a new puzzle for you to solve. The cards are all flipped faceup, and it's your task to locate every matching pair. Can you rise to the challenge and complete this captivating puzzle?

Memory and Matching Challenge

Your objective is straightforward yet requires focus and a keen memory. Flip the cards one by one, matching the letters to the corresponding pictures. With no two cards being identical, the game introduces an extra layer of difficulty. Can you maintain concentration and successfully pair up the characters until the entire puzzle is solved?

Discover Beloved Characters

Behind each card lies a beloved character such as Shimmer, Shine, or Leah. Recall the names of each character and identify the corresponding initial letter among the remaining cards. Uncover matches to put your memory and attention skills to the test. The challenge is designed to be both enjoyable and mentally stimulating.

No Rush, No Time Limit

Take your time and enjoy the process—there's no need to rush. The game features no time limits, allowing you to flip the cards as many times as needed until you complete the challenge. With each replay offering new cards and combinations, the game ensures a fresh and entertaining experience.

Immerse Yourself in the Genie Adventure

Immerse yourself in the magical world of Shimmer and Shine: Flip and Match. Exercise your memory, enhance your focus, and enjoy the delightful challenge alongside your favorite genie characters. Whether you're a fan of the animated series or seeking a fun memory game, Shimmer and Shine: Flip and Match promises an enchanting experience.

Start Flipping and Matching

Embark on the journey of memory and matching with Shimmer and Shine: Flip and Match. Discover the magic behind each card and enjoy the challenge of remembering and pairing your favorite characters. Play now and let the genies guide you through an entertaining and mentally stimulating adventure!

How to play Shimmer & Shine: Flip And Match

Using mouseBegin the challenge using your mouse, clicking on any two cards to unveil if they form a matching pair. Successful matches result in the cards remaining faceup, allowing you to progress to the next set of pairs. The initial puzzle consists of six pictures, but more are added as you advance. Attention to detail is crucial—can you remember the locations of each card as the challenge becomes more intricate?

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