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Strands NYT

Strands NYT game is an engaging word puzzle game developed by The New York Times. It offers players a challenging and interactive gameplay experience centered around uncovering theme words and deciphering the puzzle's underlying theme through a unique "spangram."


  • Theme Words: In Strands NYT game, players must search for theme words hidden within the game board. Once discovered, theme words remain highlighted in blue, allowing players to track their progress and identify completed words easily.

  • Spangram Puzzle: In addition to finding theme words, players must locate the spangram, a special puzzle element that touches two opposing sides of the board and provides clues to the puzzle's theme. The spangram is highlighted in yellow when found, adding an extra layer of depth to the gameplay experience.

  • Interactive Gameplay: Players can interact with the game board by dragging or tapping letters to form words. If tapping, players can submit their word by double-touching the final letter, enhancing the gameplay experience and allowing for seamless navigation throughout the puzzle-solving process.

  • Complete Coverage: To complete the puzzle, players must ensure that the entire game board is covered with theme words, with no overlapping terms. This rule adds a strategic element to the gameplay, requiring players to carefully plan their word placements to fill the board effectively.

How to play Strands NYT

  • To completely cover the board with theme words—words associated with the puzzle's underlying theme—is the aim of the Strands NYT game.
  • To create words that relate to the theme, players must find the letters and drag or tap them. The board must be completely covered in theme words, with no word overlap.
  • Players also have to find the spangram, a unique puzzle piece that touches two opposing sides of the board and describes the topic. The spangram is essential to understanding the topic of the puzzle.
  • Players must locate non-theme words inside the grid to receive hints. A new hint is unlocked for each three non-theme words found, which is a great help in solving the puzzle.

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