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Sweet Boom

Embark on a sweet journey through the puzzle-filled universe of Sweet Boom. This intellectually stimulating game combines vibrant candies, entertaining animations, and brain-teasing challenges. Dive into a world where popping sweet candies is the key to completing levels, but beware—the taps are limited, adding a strategic element to the game. With adorable monsters that resemble jelly and a chess-themed background, Sweet Boom promises a delightful adventure for puzzle enthusiasts.


Puzzle-solving Dynamics with Vibrant Candies: Sweet Boom introduces players to a puzzle-solving experience featuring vibrant and colorful candies. The objective is to strategically pop the sweet candies to progress through the levels. The game's puzzle dynamics challenge players to think critically and plan their moves effectively.

Limited Taps, Count Carefully: In Sweet Boom, players must navigate the challenge of limited taps. Each move is precious, so counting carefully is essential. The game's limited taps feature adds a strategic element, requiring players to make thoughtful decisions to successfully complete each puzzle.

Adorable Monsters on a Chess Background: Sweet Boom enhances its visual appeal with the presence of adorable monsters that resemble jelly characters. Set against a chess-themed background, the game creates a whimsical and charming atmosphere. The combination of cute monsters and a unique backdrop adds a distinct flavor to the puzzle-solving adventure.

How to play Sweet Boom

Using mouse

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