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Toppled game is a word puzzle game that challenges players to form four distinct five-letter words from a daily wall of letters. Players must strategically select letters to create valid words, aiming to topple the wall before running out of options. Each wall contains four golden phrases, each starting with a highlighted letter, offering bonus points if uncovered. Additionally, clues are available for every third word guessed, providing hints about the golden phrases. The game rewards players for efficiency, offering score bonuses for completing the wall in fewer guesses and maintaining streaks by playing daily.

Tips for Success

  1. Strategic Word Selection: Choose letters strategically to maximize word formation and topple the wall efficiently.
  2. Uncover Golden Phrases: Prioritize uncovering golden phrases for bonus points.
  3. Efficient Clue Usage: Use clues wisely to uncover golden phrases without depleting points excessively.
  4. Complete in Fewer Guesses: Aim to solve the wall in fewer than four words to earn extra points.
  5. Daily Play: Maintain a streak by playing daily to increase score bonuses.

Rewards and Bonuses

  • Golden Phrases: Each golden phrase uncovered awards bonus points.
  • Clues: Efficient use of clues minimizes point deductions.
  • Streak Bonus: Playing daily increases score bonuses.
  • Efficiency Bonus: Completing the wall in fewer guesses earns extra points.


Toppled is an engaging word puzzle game that challenges players to strategically form words from a daily wall of letters. With golden phrases to uncover, efficient clue usage, and streak bonuses, players can enjoy a rewarding gameplay experience. Sharpen your word skills and tackle the daily walls to maximize your score and climb the leaderboard!

How to play Toppled

To play Toppled, follow these steps:

  1. Daily Wall: Each day presents a new wall of letters.
  2. Form Words: Select any five letters to form a valid five-letter word and submit it.
  3. Topple the Wall: Valid words turn green, and the letters are removed from the wall. Continue forming words until the wall is toppled.
  4. Golden Phrases: Four golden phrases are hidden within the wall, each starting with a highlighted letter. Uncovering these phrases yields bonus points.
  5. Clues: Clues about the golden phrases are available for every third word guessed, revealing the next letter in the phrase for a point cost.
  6. Scoring: Players earn points for valid words, uncovering golden phrases, using clues efficiently, and maintaining streaks.

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