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Travle is an innovative and engaging geographical guessing game that combines the excitement of puzzle-solving with the educational aspect of learning about countries, borders, and regions around the world. The game challenges players to strategize and deduce a sequence of countries that form a path from a designated Start Country to an End Country.

Gameplay Mechanics:

The core gameplay of Travle revolves around selecting a series of countries that you believe would lead from the Start Country to the End Country. Players can choose countries in any order, but they must correctly identify all the countries they would pass through to reach the final destination.


Rules and Mechanics:

  • Exclaves (territories geographically separated from the main part of the country) are not considered new connections, meaning you can't skip countries by going through an exclave.
  • Direct jumps over water within a country are allowed, but jumps that require getting closer to other countries are not valid.
  • The computer responds to each guess with emojis to indicate the accuracy:
    • A green checkmark represents a correct guess.
    • A yellow triangle indicates a close guess.
    • A red X signifies an incorrect guess.

Educational Aspects:

Travle goes beyond the guessing game by providing players with information about:

  • Borders: Countries sharing a border are considered connected, enhancing players' understanding of geopolitical relationships.
  • Regions: Grouping countries with similar cultural, geographic, or historical characteristics into regions enriches players' knowledge about global diversity.

Learning and Fun:

The game offers a unique blend of entertainment and learning. It challenges players' geography knowledge and encourages critical thinking as they strategize their way through the path from Start to End Country. Additionally, the game's interactive and educational components make it an ideal tool for those interested in expanding their knowledge of world geography.

How to play Travle

  • To play Travle, you must guess a series of countries that connect a Start Country to an End Country.
  • You can guess the countries in any order you like, but you must name every country you'd pass through to get to the End Country.
  • You cannot skip countries by going through an exclave and jumps that require you to go nearer to other countries do not count.
  • Direct jumps over water within a country are allowed, such as crossing the Bosphorus in Turkey or traveling between the islands of Malaysia.
  • The goal of the game is to guess the countries in as few guesses as possible.


Travle stands out as an enjoyable and educational game that provides players with an opportunity to explore the world's geography while engaging in an intriguing guessing puzzle. Whether players are geography enthusiasts, curious learners, or simply seeking a unique gaming experience, Travle offers an engaging and thought-provoking adventure that combines entertainment and knowledge.

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