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Typocalypse 3D

Typocalypse 3D, your typing skills become your last line of defense against an encroaching zombie apocalypse. As hordes of the undead approach, your hands and keyboard are your only weapons. Type the words displayed above the zombies with speed and precision to activate powerful weaponry and fend off the impending doom. Failure to type fast enough could mean the end, but with strategic power-up collection, you might just survive the Typocalypse.


1. Typing as a Weapon: Engage in an innovative gameplay experience where your typing skills determine your survival. Type words swiftly to activate powerful weapons and keep the zombie hordes at bay.

2. Real-Time Zombie Threat: Experience the thrill of facing a relentless and dynamic horde of zombies in real time. The game's environment keeps you on your toes as you type your way through waves of approaching undead.

3. Power-Up Collection: Search for hidden boxes scattered across the battlefield, each containing valuable power-ups. Collect these enhancements to strengthen your abilities and improve your odds against the growing zombie menace.

4. Fast-Paced Action: Immerse yourself in a fast-paced and action-packed environment. Test your quick thinking and typing accuracy as you strive to survive the Typocalypse and eliminate every advancing zombie.

How to play Typocalypse 3D

Using mouse

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