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Wheredle is an engaging spin-off game inspired by Wordle, designed specifically for geography enthusiasts. It is a free-to-play game that allows players to test their geographic knowledge and observation skills while having fun and destressing. In Wheredle, players aim to determine the location of a different state in the United States every day by analyzing a random image taken from Google Maps Street View.

The game offers a unique and enjoyable way to improve your ability to observe details and think quickly. By playing Wheredle regularly, players can gain fresh geographic knowledge and create memorable experiences while exploring different locations within the United States.


  1. Free-to-Play: Wheredle is a free game that allows geography lovers to test their knowledge and observation skills.
  2. Daily Gameplay: Players can play Wheredle once every day, providing a daily challenge and opportunity to learn.
  3. Stress Relief and Fun: Wheredle offers a relaxing and enjoyable experience, allowing players to de-stress while having fun.
  4. Improve Observation and Quick Thinking: The game helps players enhance their ability to observe details and think quickly.
  5. Random Street View Images: Each day, a random image taken from Google Maps Street View is presented, representing a location in the United States.
  6. Fresh Geographic Knowledge: By playing Wheredle regularly, players can gain new geographic knowledge and learn about different states.
  7. Social Sharing: Players have the option to share their game results on social networking sites, showcasing their victories or impressive scorecards.


Tips to Win:

  1. Observe Details: Pay close attention to the details in the picture, including signs, landmarks, architecture, vegetation, and any other visual cues that may indicate the location.
  2. Use Contextual Clues: Look for street signs, road markings, business names, recognizable buildings, or natural features that can help narrow down the possible states.
  3. Consider Geography: Use your knowledge of U.S. geography to eliminate states that don't match the environmental or geographical features depicted in the image.
  4. Research if Needed: If you're unsure about a particular detail or location, feel free to do some quick research or use additional resources to help you make an informed guess.
  5. Learn from Mistakes: Pay attention to the arrow guidance provided after each incorrect guess. Use the information to adjust your guess and improve your subsequent attempts.

How to play Wheredle

  1. Two-Dimensional Picture: You are presented with a two-dimensional picture that depicts a scene from a specific location.
  2. Determine the Location: Your objective is to accurately determine the location, specifically the state, where the image was captured.
  3. Scene Descriptions: The scene descriptions provided in the quiz are true-to-life, often featuring recognizable landmarks or places.
  4. Contextual Clues: Analyze the picture and look for contextual clues such as street signs, landmarks, and the surrounding environment to infer the state in which the image was taken.
  5. Inaccurate Guesses: After each inaccurate guess, an arrow will appear on the map, indicating the direction you need to move in order to reach the correct state.
  6. Limited Guesses: Each player has a limited number of chances to guess the correct state, so it's important to think carefully before submitting an answer.
  7. Social Sharing: If you achieve victory or obtain an impressive score, you have the option to share your game results on social networking sites.

Wheredle offers an opportunity to test and enhance your knowledge of U.S. states while enjoying a challenging and entertaining gameplay experience. By utilizing your observation and deduction skills, you can become a geography master in Wheredle. Try it out and see how well you can pinpoint the locations in the United States!

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