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Word Finder

Word Finder is a word game for kids. The aim of the game is to solve as many words as possible in 12 turns and by doing this you must also complete some other grid squares that are left empty. There are very few rules to follow, but it will take your kid's plenty of time and energy to train their brains and complete the game. The more they play, the faster they get at finding new words.

The grid has 36 numbered spaces with letters placed in them. When a word appears, it can only contain letters from the grid squares that appear on the board. If a letter appears twice, it cannot be placed in either space again once they have both been used up. If a letter appears three times, it can be placed in any space once its value has been removed once more using it three times will not leave you with any options).

In Word Finder, there are hidden clues that help you expand your vocabulary and make great progress toward becoming a Wordsmith extraordinaire! It’s an educational word game that helps build reading comprehension skills by engaging players with challenging brainteasers to resolve instead of relying on memorization or repeated solving of puzzles over long sessions where players could easily become tired or bored before making any real headway. Have fun!

How to play Word Finder

Drag left mouse button

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