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Wordle Squared

About Wordle Squared Game

Wordle Squared: A New Dimension of Word Guessing

Welcome to the exhilarating world of Wordle Squared, a game that adds an exciting twist to the classic word-guessing experience, challenging your linguistic skills and strategic thinking. In Wordle Squared, you'll encounter a one-of-a-kind grid-based word puzzle that offers a refreshing and captivating gameplay adventure. Immerse yourself in this innovative word exploration and embark on a journey to uncover an entirely new dimension of word guessing.

How to play Wordle Squared

1. Familiar Wordle Experience:

  • If you're already familiar with Wordle, you're in for a treat. Wordle Squared builds upon the foundation of Wordle, introducing new elements to enhance the challenge.

2. Grid-Based Guessing:

  • Wordle Squared introduces a grid, and your task is to select words by clicking on individual grid spaces.
  • You can toggle between vertical and horizontal words by clicking again on a chosen space.

3. Nine Guesses Per Cell:

  • You are granted a total of nine guesses for each grid cell, allowing you to unveil all the hidden letters in the grid.
  • Each guess provides valuable information about how well each letter fits within the grid.

4. Interpret Guess Feedback:

  • Wordle Squared offers feedback for each guess through different symbols:
    • A checkmark indicates that the letter is correct, and the square is uncovered in the solution.
    • An "X" signifies that the letter isn't in the guessed position but is still hidden in either word that contains this cell.
    • A crossed-out symbol suggests that the letter is not in this vertical word or column word.

5. Previous Guesses Board:

  • On the right side of the grid (or below on mobile devices), you'll find a board displaying your previous guesses and their results.
  • It also highlights letters that may still be in words containing a particular cell with an orange tile from a previous guess.


  • Grid-Based Challenge: Enjoy a unique gameplay experience with a grid-based word-guessing puzzle.
  • Strategic Thinking: Combine linguistic skills with strategic thinking to uncover the hidden words.
  • Guess Feedback: Receive informative feedback for each guess to guide your progress.
  • Previous Guesses Board: Keep track of your guesses and their results for better strategizing.

Wordle Squared takes word guessing to an entirely new level by introducing a grid-based puzzle that challenges your wordplay abilities and strategic thinking. Whether you're a seasoned Wordle player or new to word-guessing games, Wordle Squared offers a delightful and engaging experience.

Immerse yourself in this innovative word adventure, solve the grid, and uncover the hidden words. Are you ready to explore this new dimension of word guessing? Try Wordle Squared today and test your skills in an exciting and grid-based word puzzle!

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