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Worpel AFL

The popular word game "Wordle" served as the inspiration for Worpel AFL, a game that has been modified to estimate Australian Football League (AFL) players from a database. The challenge of recognizing current AFL players is combined with the word-guessing elements of "Wordle" in this game.

The following is a guide on how to play Worpel AFL:

The game's objective is to correctly identify an AFL player within eight tries using the available database.

Worpel AFL offers a grid system where you can enter your predictions. The columns in the grid most likely correspond to the various characteristics of the unidentified player.

Green Matches: The game will show green in the respective column if your guess was correct.

Yellow Indicators: The color yellow in several columns provides certain hints regarding the mystery player:

  • The team column will be yellow if your guess matches one or more colors of the mystery player's team.
  • The mystery player is listed in a squad from a neighboring state in the state column, according to the color yellow.
  • A partial match between your guess and the mystery player's position is shown by the color yellow in the position column.
  • Any other column that is yellow indicates that the attribute is within three (cm, years, numbers) of the real data for the mystery player.

Activate Silhouette Mode: You can try activating the silhouette mode if you run into trouble and need a little assistance. This feature might offer more suggestions or cues to help you make your guesses.

Every day the game adds a new mystery AFL player for you to identify, keeping the challenge interesting and unique.

Worpel AFL is made to offer AFL fans a fun and challenging word-guessing experience. It's a free online game that lets players experience the Australian Football League and test their knowledge of AFL players.

How to play Worpel AFL

Using mouse

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